Are you ready for your next adventure? Remember, any time you travel 100 miles or more from home, whether domestically or internationally, you'll want to protect your trip with the right travel insurance and benefits to suit your unique trip and traveler details! This is even more important when you plan on adding adventure sports to your itinerary. Don't settle on a one size fits all travel insurance plan; find out how Travel Insurance Master is the best and easiest way to find the ultimate peace of mind from any device.

Maybe you were inspired by a documentary on Mountain Climbing, or on your favorite travel influencer's latest hot air ballooning reel. Whatever the case, and whatever the itinerary, each trip comes with its own risk. You've likely invested a lot of time and money too planning your next trip. Just like you likely protect your car, home, or yourself with every day insurance, it's a smart decision to protect a vacation in a similar way with traveler's insurance. Remember every great trip is an adventure but if you plan on taking part in adventure sports or riskier activities than normal, it's even more important to consider protecting your trip with

For a relatively small amount, you’ll protect yourself, and that investment of time and money too. If everything goes as planned, the little cost of travel insurance will be quickly forgotten. It’s when the unexpected happens, and you didn’t purchase travel insurance, that it becomes something you’ll never forget. We’ve seen how the world and travel can change at the drop of a hat, don’t risk leaving your next trip unprotected and making travel memories for the wrong reasons.

At, in a few simple steps, enter your trip and traveler details, and you'll quickly find your highlighted recommended plan. This recommended plan is usually the most coverage for the best value available based on the information you entered. On the plan results page, you'll also find similar plans you can compare side by side with one another. Utilizing the smart filters on the left hand side, filter by the Hazardous or Amateur Sports benefits on the Travel Insurance Master website.

Although some plans may have exclusions for these types of activities, plans like AIG Travel Guard Preferred include the following Adventure Sports Bundle:

Adventure Activities Waiver - Removes Exclusions for Adventure Activities

Extreme Activities Waiver - Removes Exclusions for Extreme Activities

Adventure Activities means bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, parachuting, skydiving, Mountain Climbing, motor sport or motor racing, multi-sport endurance competitions, Professional Athletic Event, scuba diving, and any activities materially similar to the above.

Extreme Activities means BASE jumping, cliff diving, fly-by-wire, hang gliding, heli-skiing, heli-snowboarding, wingsuit flying, Mountain Climbing (over 3,000 meters), parkour, scuba diving (beyond 40 meters), and any activity materially similar to the above. 

When you have decided on the plan and benefits that are right for you and your itinerary, select the plan you would like to purchase, complete payment and receive the plan directly to your email. With Travel Insurance Master, you’ll be able to worry less and spend more time planning and ultimately enjoying your vacation, wherever the adventure takes you!

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