Traveling today can seem overwhelming. With all the travel insurance options out there, protecting your trip can seem like yet another daunting task but it doesn’t have to! Let, recommend the best travel insurance plan for your next trip based on your individual trip details. We partner with the top travel insurance providers to bring a large variety of plans and benefits to one website. Check out some of our tips to protect your next trip and get back to the fun part of traveling!

Get to know our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Mikkel and Dan, of and When they aren't on the road, they're located in either North Carolina or Florida but they admit, they’re usually traveling! 

When you travel, it’s sometimes hard to think about accidents or emergencies happening. However, in the event of the unexpected, you don’t want to find yourself in an unfortunate situation without the right coverage! Let Travel Insurance Master break down exactly why Emergency Medical Coverage is so important and how to find the best plan and benefits for your next trip.

We’ve all seen the travel delays and mishaps in the news! We’ve also seen the travel credit card ads boasting their travel insurance benefits but do they really protect you? We break down exactly why you’ll want to protect your next trip with a standalone travel insurance policy from TIM.

After years under strict travel guidelines, trips to escape the winter weather during spring break are more popular than we have seen in years! With more travelers taking to the skies, the road, and setting sail, you’ll want to protect your upcoming getaway with the ultimate peace of mind.

You’ve got the trip idea, now you’re looking to plan, protect, and pack like a pro! Let our favorite travel tips help guide you as you navigate the travel planning process along with how to find the best travel insurance.

Planning your vacation for the new year? Already have travel plans booked for 2023? Either way, you’ll want to protect your travel investment with the best insurance plan for your specific trip! Here’s when to purchase a plan, and how to find your customized recommendation. That way you’ll quickly get back to the fun part – planning and ultimately enjoying your next trip.

2023 is sure to be the year of well-planned travel. After experiencing years of a pandemic that disrupted the industry in ways never before, now we’re seeing even more demand as travelers begin to explore the world and new destinations again.

Travel Insurance Master is proud to announce a new mobile version that makes protecting your next trip from your cell phone or other device easier than ever! Learn about the latest updates and how to request your quote and purchase the best travel insurance plan in minutes today.

As of 11/14, travelers to Bermuda by plane or cruise ship will no longer need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. This means all travelers; especially unvaccinated ones, should consider a plan from! Dive into the reasons why!

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