With the highly anticipated reopening of travel, travelers are turning to the experts to find the best products, information, and inspiration for planning their next trip. Travel insurance is one of the biggest questions and most popular requests right now. Join the Travel Insurance Master Affiliate Program and start earning today.

The upswing in travel has created opportunities for travel agents, planners, tour operators, travel bloggers, and influencers alike to monetize their travel businesses, websites, and blogs in a number of ways including travel affiliate programs. It’s more important than ever to offer a wide variety of travel products to meet travelers’ varying needs and give them the ultimate peace of mind. 

At Travel Insurance Master, we understand the importance of a wide selection of plans to suit every traveler. By partnering with a number of the world’s leading travel insurance providers, we are able to recommend the best plan for a traveler’s specific trip, and offer side by side comparisons of a multitude of plans all in one place. Our smart algorithm and filters make requesting a quote and purchasing travel insurance easier than ever, in just 3 steps. With instant order fulfilment and purchase confirmation, travelers will be able to get back to planning and ultimately enjoying their next trip. 

We created our straightforward Affiliate Program which allows those in the travel space to create a free account, generate their unique affiliate link, and share and promote their link to earn easy commissions or affiliate fees. Unlike other programs, our Affiliate Program is non-exclusive, and if you already have a preferred supplier, Travel Insurance Master, can simply add to your offering. 

This opportunity allows you to offer one of the most requested travel products, and earn from the partnerships we have been able to make with the leading providers. This will benefit your clients, followers, and audience as they will now have access to a large selection of plans, and our easy to navigate user experience.

Getting started and earning is simple. First, create your free account. A company account is recommended if you wish to have your company name displayed when a user clicks your affiliate link. Otherwise your full name will appear. Once you have signed up, you will receive a verification email to your inbox. Confirm your email and await approval confirmation. Once your account has been approved, you will be able to generate your unique affiliate link, and download one of our banners if you wish. Display the link on your site and watch your earnings grow. With no need to reach high minimums to receive your payouts, the program is an easy way to monetize your travel business, website, or blog.


Who should join the Affiliate Program?

Whether you’re a Travel Agent, Tour Operator, Travel Blogger, Insurance Agent, Travel Guide, Hotelier, Influencer, or anyone looking to offer and/or recommend travel insurance through a unique affiliate link, join our program and start earning today.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, the Travel Insurance Master Affiliate Program is free to join.

What are the commissions or affiliate fees I will earn? 

If you are licensed to sell insurance in your state you will earn 15% commissions on any qualified sale. Otherwise, you will earn a referral fee. They work very similarly and are based on each sale amount – find the tiered affiliate fee payment structure below.

We offer flexible payouts through check, direct deposit, Zelle, or Paypal. Payments will be made within four (4) weeks following the end of the month in which the sale was made. Unlike other programs, there are currently no high thresholds you will need to meet to receive your payouts. Please note there is a small minimum for ACH payments.

What is the cookie duration?

Cookie duration is currently set to 1 year.

Cookie duration is how we track affiliate referrals and how long the cookies for the affiliate link will stay on someone’s device and remember you referred them to our website. For example, if someone clicks your link and buys insurance on our website either during that initial website visit or later on for up to a year, you will get credit for the sale.

What are the posting requirements?

Currently there are no requirements to post your link. However, affiliate links always work best when shared! Add and feature your link on your website, blog, or social posts. Give your link a shout out on stories, podcasts, or YouTube videos. A Travel Resources page works very well for affiliate links too. Not sure where to start? We are always here to help!

Is the program non-exclusive?

Yes, the Affiliate Program is non-exclusive. At Travel Insurance Master we believe travelers should have access to a wide variety of plans and choices, and you may share your affiliate link alongside your other preferred suppliers if you have them and add to your offering. 

Do you have plans that cover COVID-19?

Yes, travel insurance treats COVID-19 the same as any other illness, so many benefits offer coverage. Check out our COVID-19 page for more information.

Does joining the Affiliate Program get me free travel insurance? 

Unfortunately travel insurance is highly regulated, and unlike other products, is not something we can simply give to our affiliates. We cannot alter plans in any way, gift plans, discount or mark up prices for that matter! However, we work hard to support our affiliates with opportunities to be featured on our social media, blog, and newsletter. We look forward to growing together!

Where do I sign up?

Visit https://travelinsurancemaster.com/create-affiliate-account to create your affiliate account.

If you wish to have your company name displayed when someone clicks your affiliate link, select the Company tab before filling out the form. Otherwise your full name will be displayed.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Travel Insurance Master Affiliate Program!

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