Travel Insurance Master recommends the best travel insurance for your next trip from the leading industry providers that we have personally come to know and trust! Our own experiences with their plans and benefits allowed us to bring them all together and create the very best online travel insurance aggregator tool. You can easily request a quote and find your personalized recommended plan so all you have to worry about is packing your suitcase!  Now, we've compiled our favorite packing tips to make that part a little easier too!


Just like it's important to plan ahead and purchase travel insurance early on in your planning process, usually within 1-28 days of your initial trip deposit, it's also important to plan how and what to pack.

Take the time to plan how to pack your suitcase and don't wait until the last minute! Pack heavy items on the bottom and lighter on the top. Avoid underpacking or overpacking and always leave some extra room for items you may want to purchase. Don't forget a laundry bag to keep soiled clothes separate from clean clothes. A checklist will help you remember your necessities, and you can refer to it so you don't leave anything behind on your return trip.

For bulky items, compression bags can help you roll up and store or travel with large items like jackets and sweaters easily. Don’t forget sometimes the best solution is to wear the bulkiest item like your winter jacket – and use it as a blanket or pillow on your travels. There are even some travel pillow cases on the market that are meant to stow your extra belongings as a smart solution for those bulky items!

Just like your wardrobe, when you travel remember to pack interchangeable layers you can mix and match. Packing cubes will help you keep things organized and maximize space, while rolling items will keep your items mostly wrinkle free.

Always remember to have a change of clothes packed in your carry-on and anything you may need if you decide to do an activity before check in or upon arrival - like a bathing suit!

The baggage claim carousel can sometimes be an area of confusion - it's a good idea to opt for a unique piece of luggage or add something recognizable to all of your bags. This will help you spend less time at the airport and more time enjoying your trip.


If you have to check a bag, look for travel insurance with the Baggage Delay or Loss benefits to protect your belongings. If your bag does not arrive promptly, and is delayed for the amount of time specified in your policy, you may be entitled to reimbursement of the purchase of immediate essentials you will need up to the plan limits. Should your bag get lost, stolen, or damaged during the course of your trip, the Baggage Loss benefit may reimburse you up to the benefit limits. It’s always a good idea to keep receipts for your belongings and may be useful to take a photo of items in your luggage for your records. It’s important to note if you plan on traveling with items valued at a thousand dollars or more, consider listing them as possessions on your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies.

Packing your bags wisely will save you on baggage fees, and visiting Travel Insurance Master to find the best travel insurance for your specific needs will ensure you’re on your way to hassle free travels!  With, travel insurance no longer has to seem complicated! In just 3 easy steps, you can easily find the best plan for you and protect your trip from the unexpected.


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