Traveling to one of your favorite destinations or a new one this summer? Don't depart without travel insurance and a copy of these travel documents! With a little planning and peace of mind, you’ll be on your way to smooth sailing or the friendly skies on your next adventure. Keep reading for the documents we suggest copying and keeping with you as a hard copy on your travels.

Before you set sail, take off, or start your engine, be sure to have purchased travel insurance. For a relatively small fraction of your overall trip cost, you can be protected from the unexpected. In just a few super easy steps, you can request a quote on, and find your recommended travel insurance plan and the best value for your next trip. If the unexpected like a medical emergency, weather, delay, or theft occurs, you’ll be happy to have the protection of travel insurance. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the results page to narrow down your plan results by the benefits that are most important to you. You’ll be able to view each plan certificate for a full description of coverages. Once you have found the plan that works for you, simply click Buy Plan, add any additional plan options, and fill in your payment details. Upon purchase, you’ll receive the plan to your email. Be sure to save this for quick access, and make a note of your provider, policy number, and 24-hour assistance phone number. You’ll be happy to have this written down in the event you don’t have access to your device!

In addition to your travel insurance details, it’s a good idea to keep copies of important information and documents secure and separate from the originals, your purse, or wallet. If something happens to the originals, if you lose your device, or simply don’t have battery or service, you’ll be happy to have them!

Your passport may not be traveling with you on a domestic trip, but it most certainly is on an international one. When you’re abroad, if your passport is lost or stolen, it can cause a big headache. By having travel insurance with 24-hour assistance, you will get advice on your best options. Plus, with a copy of your passport, it will help you get a replacement as soon as possible. Be sure this is stored securely and separately. Remember a copy of your license or ID may not be a bad idea either.

Along with your license, remember to photo copy the important documents in your wallet. You probably already called your bank or credit card to let them know you’re traveling but it doesn’t hurt to have your account numbers, and their customer service numbers written down and kept in a separate, safe place during your trip. If your cards are lost or stolen, you’ll be happy to have the numbers on hand to cancel them right away. Remember if you have limited service or your phone is stolen too you may not have access to your banking apps and you'll be happy to have all the information you need at your fingertips. A travel insurance 24-hour assistance service can also help you with emergency cash transfer.

Copy your health insurance card too but keep in mind your regular health insurance most likely provides extremely limited or no coverage when you’re abroad. To fill that gap in coverage, look for a travel insurance plan with travel medical options! Comprehensive Plans or plans with trip cancellation and travel medical provide the most coverage, whereas Limited or Travel Medical Plans will provide coverage above and beyond your regular health provider but do not always include trip cancellation. Comprehensive plans are the most popular with travelers since they combine all the benefits of Travel Medical Plans and Trip Cancellation.

Remember to always print out or copy your boarding pass or any tickets you need for your trip. Although it may not seem environmentally friendly, having a backup in case an app, device, or your service doesn’t work can save you from a delay in your trip or potentially missing your flight. Keep it in your carry on or personal item for easy access. 

While you plan your itinerary, write down the name, address, and phone numbers of the place(s) you’re staying, in case your phone dies or you don’t have service. It’s also a good idea to write down any important itinerary items and their addresses too, along with any important phone numbers you could possibly need. It’s a handy guide that can save you from missing a tour or excursion.

These are just recommendations and in no way a guarantee for a trip without any hiccups. However, when you’re prepared with travel insurance and expert knowledge, you’ll be able to navigate the unexpected with less stress and the ultimate peace of mind. Find the best travel insurance for your next trip today at

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