You may already know all about the general travel insurance plan types and coverages available on Travel Insurance Master. However you may not know our website allows you to filter plans by specific benefits on the results page and will quickly recommend the best plan for your trip too! It's never been easier to find the best options for your specific itinerary.

Wondering if travel insurance can cover that destination wedding you are attending, emergency pet care, or the adventure sports on your itinerary? Look no further than TIM!

Travel Insurance Master is proud to partner with AIG Travel Guard. In all states except AZ, CA, FL, and IL, you can take advantage of the numerous popular and unique options below. Don’t worry if you live in these states – we still have many useful options for you, just plug your trip details in on and our smart algorithm will recommend the best plan for you.

The options below can be found on the Plan Purchase Page, and will automatically update the cost of the plan when selected. Click on the name of each option to view the details. All of these options can be purchased with the AIG Preferred Plan, while some are offered with other AIG plans on 

INCONVENIENCE BUNDLE – This adds events to the travel inconvenience benefit including closed attractions, hotel construction, missing work, flight diversion, and more.

ADVENTURE SPORTS BUNDLE – Includes the following upgrades: Adventure Activities Waiver – Removes Exclusions for Adventure Activities, and Extreme Activities Waiver – Removes Exclusions for Extreme Activities.

WEDDING BUNDLE – This adds an additional Unforeseen event for Trip Cancellation: Covers cancellation of the wedding at the destination. It does not apply to the bride or groom. This can only be purchased within 15 days of Initial Trip Payment.

BAGGAGE BUNDLE – Includes the following upgrades: Baggage Travel Documents – Additional $1,000, and Baggage Delay – Additional $300. Makes Baggage Coverage Primary. 

NAME YOUR FAMILY MEMBER BUNDLE – Includes the following upgrades: 1 Person (Choose a person to be deemed a Family Member for the purpose of Family Member-related Unforeseen events.)

MEDICAL AND EVACUATION BUNDLE – Includes the following upgrades:
Travel Medical Expense – Additional $50,000
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains – Additional $500,000
Hospital of Choice Ancillary Evacuation Benefits - $5,000
Return of Children – Included
Bedside Visit – Included
Bedside Traveling Companion – Included

PET BUNDLE – This adds Pet Care up to $100 per day, to a maximum of $500. Pet or Service Animal Medical Expenses - $2500. Deductible $100. Adds Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption due to critical condition or death of domestic dog or cat.

SECURITY BUNDLE – Includes the following upgrades: Security Evacuation - $100,000, Flight Guard - $100,000. Adds Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption due to Civil Disorder or Riot.

As always, visit Travel, plug in your trip details in 3 easy steps, and quickly view and purchase your recommended travel insurance plan. You can click View Certificate for full description of benefits and coverages.

For more travel insurance tips check out our main blog page.

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