Traveling is a thrilling experience for everyone, and it can be especially liberating and empowering for women. You can gain independence, personal growth, and appreciation for the world by heading somewhere new. However, there are certain considerations that only female travelers have to think about when going on a trip.

Regarding health and safety knowledge for traveling, there aren’t many resources with unique relevance to women. It’s essential to be safe, healthy, and responsible when traveling as a woman; as such, here are the top concerns of women travelers and how to deal with them:

Safety and security

For women travelers, especially those going solo, a significant concern is safety and security. A study from Solo Female Travelers and SheFari revealed that 73% of solo female travelers worry about personal safety. Even for those with more experience, 64% are still concerned about it. The risk of theft, harassment, or harm poses a danger to women travelers, and the general unpredictability of traveling makes it an even more daunting endeavor.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel unprotected. When traveling anywhere, whether heading somewhere familiar or new, you can have an added layer of protection with travel insurance in case of emergencies. Emergencies and dire situations can happen anytime and anywhere, so a 24-hour Assistance Service offered by many travel insurance agencies can help with emergency cash transfers, legal referrals, item retrieval, and more. If you’re pregnant, having travel insurance can also cover emergency medical expenses related to unexpected complications and protect your funds. Comprehensive travel insurance can ensure that you’re safe wherever you are in the world.

Medical conditions

Some women may have certain medical conditions that affect travel, and finding relief and protection abroad can be difficult. For instance, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can experience irregular periods, hair loss, weight gain, and more, all of which can contribute to fatigue and stress that worsen these symptoms. Knowing how to manage your medical condition is important to ensure a smoother and enjoyable trip.

Using the example of PCOS, you can ask a medical professional if you need certain medications to help with the condition. PCOS weight loss medication can include Metformin, a drug that aids in insulin sensitivity to improve weight loss and diabetes prevention, or GLP-1 medications that induce satiety and curb cravings. Do some research to find out if they’re safe for travel and can be used to manage your condition. You can also manage PCOS and other medical conditions by staying physically active and eating nutritious and balanced meals, which keeps blood sugar at healthy levels for better weight loss and less intense symptoms.


Women travelers have additional hygiene considerations compared to male travelers, which is an extra concern to think about and accommodate when out of town. Menstruation, in particular, is something women have to factor in when traveling in order to ensure the most comfortable experience. Periods are already taxing to manage with heavy flows, cramps, and other symptoms, but even more so when flying somewhere else that may not have the facilities or products you’re used to.

One way you can deal with traveling on your period is by tracking your period regularly and, if possible, plan around it to ensure you won’t have to take a trip on your period. It isn’t necessary to do so, but it is something to consider if you experience severe symptoms or other related conditions. Packing sufficient amounts of preferred menstrual products like sanitary pads or tampons can save you stress and money since you won’t need to buy them while traveling. Bringing painkillers, birth control, and other medication with you can help with a pain-free period.

While certain concerns can make traveling a little more challenging for women, the above tips show how they should in no way hinder you from having a liberating and empowering experience.

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