You may have heard bleisure travel buzzing around the internet and social media lately! But what exactly is it, and how can it benefit your future travel plans? Keep reading to find out!

Bleisure: The combination of business and leisure

You're probably already thinking it - Bleisure travel can be an excellent way to maximize both your travel budget and vacation time at work or at your business. This savvy idea of combining a vacation with a business trip isn't new but definitely shouldn't be overlooked!

Simply put, you'll likely put bleisure to the test by having your employer pay for your transportation to and from your destination and the business part of your stay and/or accommodations. Then consider either extending your time either at the front or back end at that destination to sneak in some me time without using all your paid vacation days! Plus you may be able to include your friends or family in this extended trip too.

You could also play around with going to another destination from the original one where your business trip took place, then having your employer cover some or all of your trip back home from a different airport or destination. It's a win win no matter what combination of itinerary you decide!

Like anything else travel related, it's a good idea to do your research. Get familiar with your company's travel policies and what they may allow you to do in terms of extending your next trip for the ultimate bleisure vacation.

With any trip but especially bleisure ones, make sure you organize all your expenses so you can easily determine those for business or personal. It's a great practice to label your receipts in your phone or computer, and/or file them accordingly. When you return from your extended trip, you'll be happy you already laid the foundation for simple reimbursements of your travel expenses from your work!

Whether you're on a trip for businesss, leisure, or the combination of the two, remember travel insurance is always important and how to be a smart travel insurance shopper. Visit and enter your trip details in just a few easy steps. You’ll find your recommended travel insurance plan and best value from one of our many trusted providers, as well as side by side comparisons of other plans that may be a good fit. You can even utilize customizable filters to narrow down plans by the benefits most important to you. Select the plan you’d like to purchase, fill out your payment details, and receive the plan straight to your email!

Work trips can actually be fun with a little bleisure mixed in and hassle-free with Travel Insurance Master!


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