Ever wonder when is the best time to purchase travel insurance?

Between trip planning, booking, packing, and more, travel insurance can sometimes end up last on your list but it shouldn't be!

The best time to purchase travel insurance is when you make your first trip deposit or payment, like airfare or a cruise, recommends one of our trusted providers, Generali. This reason is two fold:

1. You'll maximize your coverage period in case you need to cancel.

2. You'll be able to shop and compare plans with time sensitive benefits like CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) or the pre-existing conditions waiver.


One of the most popular time sensitive benefits is Cancel for Any Reason or CFAR. CFAR allows you to do just that, cancel for any reason whatsoever usually up to 2 days prior to departure for a reimbursement of up to 75% of your prepaid, non-refundable expenses depending on your specific plan. Remember CFAR doesn’t replace your regular Trip Cancellation benefit, which would cover you 100% for covered reasons, most commonly when you, your travel companion, or business partner gets sick.


Another reason to purchase travel insurance early is the pre-existing medical conditions waiver. If you or someone you are purchasing travel insurance for has a pre-existing health condition, seriously consider the likelihood of it flaring up or reoccurring before or during your trip. Could it cancel or interrupt your travels? Without the pre-existing medical conditions waiver, normally a medical condition present prior to your travel insurance policy’s effective date would not be covered.

Most plans have a look back period, meaning they will look back at your medical history, anywhere from 2 to 18 months, to check if your condition appeared or was treated during that time. TravelInsuranceMaster.com allows you to easily request a quote, shop Comprehensive plans, and filter by the benefits most important to you like the pre-existing medical conditions waiver.

Travel Insurance Master Tip: If you didn’t buy your travel insurance policy early enough to take advantage of the pre-existing medical conditions waiver, look for a plan with a look-back period shorter than the last time you registered your medical condition with your doctor.

Don't worry if you're not entirely sure what your trip cost is when you purchase early on. Simply contact your insurance provider to make any necessary updates if needed. You can also take advantage of the Free Look Period during a set number of days from the date of purchase, where you'll be eligible for a refund if you decide the plan is not the right fit for you. See your specific plan for details.


Don't worry if you waited to purchase travel insurance or simply forgot! As long as you are at least a day out from departure, you can still shop and compare plans on TravelInsuranceMaster.com. Remember, you may not be able to find all the benefits you normally would when you purchase last minute but some protection is always better than none. 

At TravelInsuranceMaster.com we make it easy to find the best plan and value for you, whether you’re planning well in advance, or only a day out. Simply fill out the quote request with your trip and traveler details, find your recommended plan and shop and compare plans and benefits side by side. Once you have selected the plan you’d like to purchase, simply click Buy Plan, fill in your details and you’ll receive your plan straight to your email! 

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