Not all travel insurance policies are created equal, and that's why it's so important to request a quote from Travel Insurance Master to easily find your personalized recommendation. Travel insurance is a safety net to protect you from the unexpected and one of our trusted providers can assist you with whatever may come your way. Keep reading to find out just why that matters so much!

Life can throw a curveball and although you may have been looking forward to your trip for months, you may just have to cancel. Consider if you can afford to lose the money you have invested in your trip. If not, it's a wise investment to spend a little more on travel insurance to protect you from the unexpected. Easily filter plans with Trip Cancellation on Travel Insurance Master or take it one step further with Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefits.

Worried an illness or injury could ruin your trip? A travel insurance plan can protect you in the event you need to cancel due to yourself or your travel companion becoming too ill to travel. If this happens and you miss a portion of your trip, trip interruption coverage can help! See your specific policy for details and coverages. 

These benefits also extend during your trip and may cover medical expenses, especially those that your regular health insurance does not usually cover when you travel out of state or especially out of the country! It’s important to remember that a plan with travel medical insurance can fill the gap where your regular health insurance may not offer coverage when you travel abroad. Without travel insurance coverage, if an emergency occurs, you or your family could incur costly medical bills that you may need to pay for out of pocket. In the US, these expenses can add up quickly, and domestic insurance plans do not usually provide coverage for international care. See your specific Plan Details for full description of coverages and benefits.

Weather can change at the drop of a hat! If a covered weather event like a hurricane, snowstorm, or natural disaster causes your trip to be delayed or cancelled, your provider may be able to help. Your specific policy will outline exactly what is covered.

Your delay doesn't have to be weather related either. If something happens causing you to incur additional expenses like an extra night in a hotel or meal, save your receipts and proof of the delay, and consult with your travel insurance provider. It's better to have all the documentation in case you need it and are eligible to be reimbursed.

The same goes for lost or stolen belongings. If you baggage is lost in transit, delayed, or damaged, travel insurance may be able to help. Filter plans on Travel Insurance Master by the Baggage Delay and other relevant benefits you'd like your policy to include.

In today’s world, you can never be too prepared. The unexpected can happen on any trip, and travel insurance is a small investment for all important peace of mind. Although we recommend purchasing travel insurance early on in your travel planning process, some plans allow you to purchase coverage up until the day before you leave. 

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