Get to know one of our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Emilie of Love Life Abroad. As a full time traveler, and co-founder of the travel blog,, Emilie provides concrete tips to families who want to travel more with their children.

Where are you located? 

I am a French-Canadian from Quebec City, while my husband is from Sacramento, California. We lived in a few different countries (Canada, USA, France). But since 2017, we were back in Quebec before selling all of our stuff to travel the world with our kids. That was back in August 2020. So we can say that we are at the moment location independent ;)

When did you start your blog? 

We officially launched in early 2020 after working for a few months on the design and creation of the website. 

Walk me through how or why you started? 

The idea of starting a blog came pretty much at the same time as our crazy idea to sell everything and travel the world with our kids. That was back in summer 2019. Initially, the blog was to document our travel adventures, like an online journal. It was also a good way to share our adventure with our friends and family. As we started to put more effort into the blog, we decided to be more serious about it. That was early 2021, so we are still junior bloggers.

Do you feature a specific type of travel or area? 

Our blog is mostly about family travel. We are an adventure family who travels on a budget. We are not frugal, but we certainly do not stay in luxury places. We also love the outdoors and hiking. 

Our goal with the blog is to provide concrete tips and inspiration for families who want to travel more with their kids. Since we are full-time travelers, we also have a section about preparing for a long-term trip around the world and how to stay healthy and fit on the road.

What is your favorite part about being a blogger? 

The cheesy response is that I am passionate about travel and I love sharing this passion with others. 

But, the blog is also an amazing journal full of our memories for our family to look back at in a few years. We only write about places we visit, tips we actually tested, or our real bucket list destinations, so it’s nice to look back at what we wrote. 

Then, I love everything about the travel community, chatting with other travelers and sharing tips and stories. We are doing “interviews” with other travelers once in a while, and I just love writing those blog posts, they are so inspiring.

What is your favorite or dream destination?

I love Italy. I love the food, the architecture, the landscape and the language… pretty much everything about Italy. It’s also where my husband and I met, so Italy has a special place in our family. 

In the future, I would love to go to New Zealand and do the typical van life road trip across the country.

What is your favorite travel tip?

Stay flexible and open to changes. From my travel experiences, the best travel memories are from spontaneity and changes of plan. If you are comfortable with the idea of not planning and booking everything in advance, don’t do it and stay flexible. Along the way, you’ll meet and discuss with people and your itinerary may change, and it’s ok. It’s even more fun. 

What other suggestions do you have for travelers?

For all parents (or so-to-be parents), it’s not true that you won’t be able to travel once you have kids. Traveling with kids is amazing. And the quality time you get from travel with your family is just the best.

What suggestions do you have for bloggers or what has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome with your blog?

It takes time to create a blog, to maintain it, and to write all the content, but it takes even more time for people to find it on Google. Don’t get discouraged. Also, don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun (it’s your blog, it’s your brand, show your personality) and most importantly be authentic.  

How can our readers follow your travels?

Readers can find us on our travel blog at and on Instagram @lovelife_abroad. We also just have started a Podcast on Spotify. We left our home in August 2020 for our new nomadic family adventure. We explored Canada, from East to West for 9 months, and are now on the US West Coast for a few weeks.

Be sure to check out www.lovelifeabroad.comInstagram @lovelife_abroad, and their Podcast on Spotify!

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