Get to know one of our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Juaneca of Neckie's Great Adventures. As a freelance travel blogger and certified travel agent, focusing on Atlantic City and beyond, Juaneca promotes exciting destinations anywhere travel takes you.

Neckie’s Great Adventures

Juaneca, walk me through how or why you started in the industry?

How I got started in 2019 is so funny. I wrote a blog post on it. See below.


Like most individuals, I was not sure what a blog or blogging was.  I did extensive research; I went as far as setting up a video call, "how you can make money blogging." What I was looking for was something to occupy my time.  (I work for the Federal Government) that year (2019), we went through a shutdown, which lasted 35 days.  After the video call, I thought hard about it, told myself, "is this something I would like to do? would I enjoy it?" needless to say, I was leaning more against it; I didn't think anything else about it.  After checking my email, I saw a job opportunity for a freelance blogger; since I didn't know the first thing about it, I deleted it. (I receive emails from Yet, it was something about that email that stuck with me; I kept thinking about it and thought It would be interesting to try.  Luckily, I had an email I had received prior about a course that teaches you all about blogging.  I decided, yes, I'm going to try this.  At the beginning of the class, it suggested going at your own pace.  My first task was to set up a google calendar, enter the times I would be available.  As the course went on, my head became filled with the following negative thoughts:  Why I couldn't do it, I'm not sure of writing the first part – to get the attention; I am unsure about the wording; I don't think people will look at my blog; what will make my blog stand out from others with the same niche; and last, I don't think I will make money. I then decided to turn those exact words into positive thoughts:  I am learning how to blog; I know what I want to say; I can write it instead; learning something new is fun; I will make my blog interesting - anticipating when people will look at it; although others may blog about the same niche, I am going to focus on a particular area.  Finally, I'm thinking of ideas for my blog; I'm confident I can make money. The negative and positive thoughts became my first assignment.  Before I knew it, 30 days had passed, and I was on the last day.  I have learned a lot about blogging, and it's something I like doing. I'm not saying this is will be easy, nor do I anticipate I will make money quickly.  But like anything in life, how do you know if you will like it unless you work towards something? You don't.

What do you offer, and what is your mission? Do you specialize in a specific type of travel or destination? 

I offer all kinds of travel services.  I specialize in couples or singles trips.

What is your favorite part about your job? 

Letting my audience know about a specific destination with my honest opinion.

What is your favorite or dream destination?

Tahiti or Fiji.

What is your favorite travel tip?

To not be afraid to adventure outside of touristy destinations.  If it’s a specific destination that an area is known for crime, try maybe a restaurant in a tourist area, but not on the main street.  (I found that asking a hotel clerk for a nice place that isn’t part of the main attraction) I was in Newark, NJ, and had a taste for Mexican food, riding around, we found this Mexican restaurant on the side street, ended up having the best time, took pictures with other patrons and, chatted with a couple at the bar who ended up buying us drinks.  It was an authentic family atmosphere.  (It reminded me of the show cheers).

What other suggestions do you have for travelers? 

The most important thing about traveling is to have an excellent time.  Don’t be afraid to try something different (act a little silly or goofy, you will be amazed how relaxing you will feel afterward.)

How can someone reach out to you for your services? 

The best way is to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anything else you would like to share?

Always keep an open mind. Where ever your travels take you, you can end up having the most fun.

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