Travel opens your eyes to new places and experiences, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime. Travel Insurance Master allows you to travel with peace of mind, recommending the best travel insurance plan for your next trip so you can truly enjoy and immerse yourself in your next adventure. Still need some inspiration for your destination and itinerary? Check out our favorite Travelogues below!

Travel bloggers like Ketti of Tilted Map are a great resource for inspiring your next trip with travel tips, tricks, and insider recommendations. Blogs often include detailed first hand experiences and honest reviews that you simply cannot find anywhere else. When you have a destination in mind, it’s always a good idea to look for travel guides and blogs that cover the area you’ll be visiting.

Before travel bloggers though, long-form travelogues helped us immerse ourselves in exotic locales and live through the authors' experiences. If you're looking for your next destination or simply a literary escape, check out a few of our favorite travelogues.

Lands of Lost Borders by Kate Harris

One of the marks of a great travelogue is its ability to immerse the reader in the past and present of a place. Lands of Lost Borders by Kate Harris does this admirably. A recounting of Harris' attempt to bike the ancient Silk Road, it's a dynamic look at some of the most historic destinations in the world, tempered with philosophy, science, and literature.

World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain

If you want to be entertained by a lifetime's worth of travel and excitement, you need to pick up Anthony Bourdain's World Travel: An Irreverent Guide. Well beloved and now dearly missed for his incisive wit and wealth of experience in both food and travel, Bourdain takes readers through urbane metropolises and rich tribal communities. Frank, funny, and filled with great tips, it's a great read for explorers at heart.

A Woman Alone: Travel Tales From Around the Globe edited by Faith Conlon, Ingrid Emerick, and Christina Henry de Tessan

There's something freeing and romantic about traveling alone. The anthology A Woman Alone, edited by Faith Conlon, Ingrid Emerick, and Christina Henry de Tessan, is a great way to familiarize yourself with solo travel. Filled with the experiences of women who decided to go solo backpacking around the world, it's a fresh and exciting look at independent traveling. Though published over two decades ago in 2001, it's nonetheless a timeless, dynamic look at how humans of different cultures relate to each other.

French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France by Tim Moore

Looking to be entertained? You've come to the right place. French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France by Tim Moore is a lively, engaging, and humorous look at Moore's attempt to do the famous Tour de France. From varied attempts at cheating the race, to a closer look at the culture and history of the storied Tour, Moore's dry and sometimes irreverent wit is enough to make you feel like you're biking along with him.

In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

Be transported to the Land Down Under through Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country. A delightful book about the danger, wonders, and peculiarities that can be found in Australia, it's a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the country. Bryson has an appealing writing style that puts you right in the middle of the action, whether it's about going deep in the Outback or exploring Australia's waters. Fun, whimsical, and filled with interesting facts, this is a must-read for travelers planning a trip to the continent.

With the wealth of information in these travelogues, you’ll be ready to explore and enjoy your next destination like an expert!

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