With National Travel Agent Day this week, it’s the perfect time to think about your next vacation! Learn how travel agents can easily help you book the trip of a lifetime, find you additional ways to save, and much more.

Using a travel agent gives you access to their expert knowledge! Although you may be able to find a lot of information about a destination online, the information can get overwhelming. Plus, the information could be inaccurate or outdated, setting yourself up for disappointment or even worse, disaster. A travel agent is well-versed on the latest updates around the world and can help you find the exact destination you’re looking for. If you’re unsure where to go, they can even make personalized recommendations based on your travel style and what you’re looking for – something a Google search just can’t do for you! It’s easy to head down the rabbit hole of information on the web but many travel agents have firsthand knowledge and experience with destinations, accommodations, and more to help you make the right choice for you.

A travel agent can help you find the best prices too! For a relatively small fee or sometimes no fee at all, a travel agent that helps you book your vacation can give you access to exclusive savings you just can’t find anywhere else. Their connections will save you time looking for the best deals and dates to travel and save you money in the long run. A travel agent can even recommend packages or exclusive deals that may suit your needs at a better price than you would have found on your own. They may have a connection with hard to get reservations so you can sit back and relax, knowing your trip is being handled by a professional. This personalized service is something you’ll be happy to have when using a travel agent, instead of trying to book on your own. 

The support of a travel agent not only helps you in the planning stages of your trip, but the travel stage too! Think of a travel agent like a second layer of assistance if you need it. If you run into a delay at the airport and are worried about making a connection, if you need to get a rental car, or tickets to an event, they can help! Plus, they have experience with the vendors, airlines, and more which can make dealing with the unexpected just a bit easier and less stressful for you – who doesn’t want that? This extra layer of assistance, is just like the extra layer of customer service you get when you purchase a travel insurance plan at TravelInsuranceMaster.com. You’ll have one layer from your plan provider, and another layer from the Travel Insurance Master team, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Yes We Travel, a brick and mortar travel agency in Boston, helps travelers with all kinds of trips and needs, from All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacations, any kind of tour, or just plane tickets! Almost 100% of their travelers purchase travel insurance, showing the value of travel agents is not just in savings and in depth knowledge of your destination, but also in explaining the necessity of travel insurance! Yes We Travel clients are happy even when something happens because they purchased travel insurance and have an added layer of protection and customer service from their travel agent. If the trip goes as planned, the little cost of travel insurance is quickly forgotten. However, if you hit a few unexpected bumps along the way, you’ll be happy to have purchased travel insurance. Have questions about your next trip? Call Yes We Travel at (617) 879-2644.

Ready to start planning? Wherever you’re thinking about visiting, be sure to consider using a travel agent and don’t forget to purchase travel insurance at TravelInsuranceMaster.com. You’ll be happy to have a professionally planned trip and the added layers of protection with both!

Thank you for sharing this! I have never worked with a travel agent before but I'll definitely consider it.
I have used agents for big trips, and esp. overseas and it is always so reassuring to have a contact in cade of emergency.
I have never used a travel agent but as I can see I am missing out on a lot of information and even cheaper prices :)
These are some good points! If you have any issues during travel, your travel agent will be in your corner ready to help. Also great if they can help you save a couple bucks.
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