Summertime means more vacation time and more fun in the sun – but with the unknowns like pandemics, hurricanes, and ever too common travel delays, you won’t want to leave home without your best travel companion, travel insurance!

Whether you’re heading on a road trip to one of the stunning National Parks, flying to Disney, or setting sail on a cruise, one thing is for certain this summer, the need to protect your trip. Did you know travel insurance is just as important for a domestic trip that takes you 100 miles or more from home, as it is for an international trip? The reason is that whether you’re traveling just miles instead of oceans away, the unexpected can really happen anywhere. Plus, with more travelers now planning trips after they may have been favoring staycations the last few years, you’ll find there’s even more room for delay, errors, and more.


Even if you’ve purchased travel insurance before, you may not realize the optimum time to purchase travel insurance is usually the same day or within a set number of days of your initial trip deposit. Don’t wait to dive into to request a quote and find your recommended travel insurance in just 3 super easy steps! Purchasing travel insurance early on in your planning process will give you access to some of the most popular benefits.

Cancel for Any Reason or CFAR gives you the most flexibility with your trip. Just like the name suggests, you’ll be able to cancel for any reason whatsoever usually up to 2 days prior to departure for up to 75% reimbursement of your prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses. It’s important to note CFAR does not replace your normal Trip Cancellation benefit which gives you the ability to cancel your trip before it starts for an eligible covered reason to receive reimbursement for 100% of your trip cost. There are many covered reasons for Trip Cancellation, most commonly when you or your travel companion suddenly fall ill or sustain an injury that prevents you from taking your trip. See your specific plan for details and the requirements you will have to meet.

Another reason to purchase travel insurance early on is to take advantage of the Pre-existing Medical Conditions Waiver. For plans without it, normally a medical condition prior to your travel insurance policy’s effective date would not be covered. Most plans have a look-back period, anywhere from 2-18 months, to see if you condition appeared or was treated then. If you or someone you are buying insurance for has a pre-existing health condition, you should seriously consider the likelihood of it flaring up or reoccurring before your trip. If so, the good news is the pre-existing medical conditions waiver normally doesn’t add to the cost of your plan – look for it the next time you shop for travel insurance! If it’s too late to add the benefit to your plan, see if you can find a plan with a look-back period that’s shorter compared to when you last registered your medical condition with your doctor. I.e. if the last time you called your doctor was 63 days ago and you purchase a plan with a look-back period of 60 days or less, you technically do not have a pre-existing condition and do not need the waiver.


If you’re hitting the road or taking to the friendly skies, you’ll definitely want to purchase travel insurance.

The Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption can be useful in both situations if you have to cancel or cut your trip short due to a covered reason. Most commonly this is due to you, a family member, or a travel companion getting sick. Plus on a road trip, you may have other things factored into your trip cost, or your prepaid and non-refundable expenses, which may be eligible for a 100% reimbursement. This can include hotels, accommodations, RV rentals, or even concert or event tickets. Always be familiar with your plan, its coverages, limits, and what would be required from you for a successful claim.

Many times travelers will fly to their destination then rent a car or even an RV! Purchasing rental car coverage at the agency can be very costly, but driving one unprotected can also come at a huge price if something happens. Many travel insurance plans actually include an option to add a Rental Car Benefit that will help mitigate exposing yourself to additional risk. Even if your regular auto insurance has rental car coverage, if you rely on that alone, you may be risking higher rates for years down the road if something happens.


Although your cruise may offer their own insurance, it’s always important to familiarize yourself with what is actually covered. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to find out you should have purchase standalone travel insurance. Benefits of a plan from include Emergency Medical and Evacuation, Trip Cancellation, CFAR, Pre-existing Medical Conditions Waiver, Hurricane and Weather protection, and more. Plus with the uncertainty of travel restrictions and everchanging updates around the world, you’ll be happy to have the added peace of mind. After you select your plan, on the checkout page of, you will be prompted to select your trip type – cruise, air, tour, or other. 


The best part of summer is all the adventures and memories to last a lifetime! Don’t let your travel plans be overshadowed if you choose to forego travel insurance. A travel insurance plan is a relatively small fraction of your overall travel budget and gives you invaluable peace of mind.

Think of travel insurance as a safety net or helping hand if something does not go as planned. Many travel insurance plans even include a 24-Hour Assistance Service that starts as soon as your trip does. If you lose a bag, experience a medical emergency, or your vehicle is stolen, they’ll be ready to help with referral services and more. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late! As soon as you start planning and put down your initial trip deposit, visit We partner with the world’s top providers to bring a large variety of plans and benefits to one website. In just 3 steps, we’ll recommend the best plan and value for your specific trip and provide side by side comparisons. Looking for one of the benefits you just read about? Use the smart filters on the left-hand side of the Plan Results page to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. When you’re ready to purchase, click Buy Plan, fill out the purchase form, and receive the plan straight to your email! Get ready to soak up the fun this summer with!

A good overview of things to think about for insurance for different kinds of trips. We never leave home without it! And I must admit we are buying even more these days to give us added contingency.
This is such a good reminder that travel insurance is always a good idea - no matter what type of trip you're going on. Cruising has been especially sporadic lately, so it's wise to get travel insurance to cover all the things that the cruise company won't.
This certainly answers a lot of questions I had on travel insurance. Thank you for the comprehensive post.
Definitely a good note on rental car insurance. I have rented cars internationally a few times, and they ALWAYS try to get me to upgrade to higher (and much more expensive) car insurance, but thankfully I have already had it in place.
Thanks for this really comprehensive guide to travel insurance. It has been so long since I last took a trip, I was in need of a refresher! Thanks for the reminder to buy insurance for domestic trips, I'm really bad at remembering to make sure everything is covered if we're just staying in the same country!
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