Travelers are playing catch up – utilizing vacation days they missed over the last few years during the pandemic. As restrictions loosen a little, new popular destinations and longer stays are on many travelers’ minds. Find our expert tips below to ensure you’re prepared for a summer of travel fun!


Many travelers used to plan for vacation months in advance but now last-minute bookings are much more common. This summer the demand for travel is still characterized by the uncertainty of new COVID-19 strains and everchanging travel restrictions. Travelers are still booking but they’re booking later than before just in case things change.

This uncertainty also underscores the importance of travel insurance. Even if you’re booking a trip a few weeks instead of a few months in advance, it’s still more important than ever to protect your trip with travel insurance. will quickly provide a personalized recommendation of the best plan and value for your specific trip details in just 3 super easy steps. If you’re looking for specific benefits and coverages, request a quote the same day or within a few days of your initial trip deposit for the most options. You can utilize the smart filters on the left-hand side of the plan results page to narrow the plans down by the most important benefits to you.

The most popular benefit that’s time sensitive is Cancel for Any Reason or CFAR. CFAR gives you the ultimate flexibility, the ability to cancel for any reason whatsoever usually up to 2 days prior to departure for reimbursement of up to 75% of your prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses. To purchase travel insurance with this benefit, request a quote and buy a plan early, within 1-21 days of your initial trip deposit depending on the plan. CFAR doesn’t replace your regular Trip Cancellation benefits which covers you 100% for a variety of covered reasons, like cancellation due to illness like COVID-19. 

With any booking, especially last-minute ones, it’s wise to use a travel agent. This allows you to take advantage of their expert knowledge and access to the best prices, including exclusive savings! Bookings and information can quickly get overwhelming when shopping online on your own. With a travel agent, you’ll know the information is accurate and up to date. They will be well-versed on navigating travel during this time as well as locking in your reservation! A Google search may sound simple but a travel agent and their firsthand knowledge and personalized service truly cannot be compared. Yes We Travel, a brick and mortar travel agency in Boston, helps travelers with all kinds of trips, tours, and needs, from All-Inclusive Caribbean vacations, to just plane tickets. Call Yes We Travel at (617) 879 – 2644.


Travel insurance is just as important for an Airbnb, short term rental, or more traditional accommodations like a hotel or resort. With Airbnb, VRBO, and other short-term rentals, cancellation policies can often be strict with little wiggle room. The entire amount or deposit could be nonrefundable too. If you find yourself having to change, cancel, or postpone your trip, you could still be left paying out of pocket. That’s why it’s so important to accurately add up your trip cost (all your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses) and enter that amount into the easy 3-step quote request when you visit

Trip Cancellation, Cancel for Any Reason, and Trip Interruption are all benefits that give you the ultimate peace of mind and protection in case the unexpected happens. If you have to cancel due to illness, or cut your trip short due to another covered reason, you’ll be glad you have the coverage just in case. Be sure to review your certificate of insurance, covered reasons for cancellation and interruption, and proof you would need to provide in case of a claim. Your travel insurance plan usually has a 24-Hour Assistance Service that starts as soon as your trip does. If you lose a bag, have a medical emergency, or something else happens, you’ll be happy to have the support to help you navigate the situation with referral services and connect you to the claims department if needed.


In addition to being prepared with the right travel insurance plan for your trip, you’ll also want to be prepared for the airport and the all too common disruptions with recent flights!

Disruptions usually equal delays and long wait times in every aspect of the airport. If you’re worried that your flight may get delayed or disrupted, consider utilizing a carry on and personal item to save yourself the additional time and hassle of checking a bag. If you have to check a bag, look for travel insurance with the Baggage Delay or Loss benefits to protect your belongings. If your bag does not arrive promptly, and is delayed for the amount of time specified in your policy, you may be entitled to reimbursement of the purchase of immediate essentials you will need up to the plan limits. Should your bag get lost, stolen, or damaged during the course of your trip, the Baggage Loss benefit may reimburse you up to the benefit limits. It’s always a good idea to keep receipts for your belongings and may be useful to take a photo of items in your luggage for your records. It’s important to note if you plan on traveling with items valued at a thousand dollars or more, consider listing them as possessions on your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies.


Ready to start planning your next trip? Whether it’s a road trip to a National Park this summer, or a trip across the pond, be sure to protect your investment with travel insurance from!

We've never gotten travel insurance before, but after reading your post I am definitely going to be adding it before our next trip! The accommodation protection alone will be super valuable!
Travel insurance is something I never leave without, but I've noticed so many people choose to ignore it due to the extra costs!
Travel insurance is essential! I had no idea about the CFAR policies though! Super handy as I love a last minute trip but sometimes things do come up!
Thank you for sharing! Travel insurance is something I always make sure I have with me when on a trip.
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