At Travel Insurance Master, we make finding the best travel insurance for your next trip easier than ever, and our Affiliate Program just got easier too! With flexible payouts through your choice of multiple payment methods, now including Zelle, you’ll be on your way to quickly adding to your bottom line.

Travel insurance is more important than ever. With everchanging restrictions and updates, plus staffing shortages wreaking havoc on the travel industry, one thing is for certain, the need to protect your next trip. Travel insurance plans should never be one size fits all though, and that’s why is so useful!

We partner with the top providers in our industry to provide a large variety of plans and benefits on one website. Not only can you easily compare multiple providers’ plans side by side, our trusted smart algorithm will recommend the best plan and value for your next trip in seconds. All you have to do is enter your trip information in just 3 super easy steps! Once you request a quote, you’ll find your Recommended Plan and smart filters that you can select to narrow plans down by the benefits most important to you. Travel insurance is not just for international trips either – it’s an important part of any trip, including domestic trips, road trips, short term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO, and any time you travel 100 miles or more from home!


In just a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to earning easy affiliate fees or commissions by referring one of the most requested travel products, travel insurance! Our in-house Affiliate Program is simple – join, promote your unique affiliate link, and earn on every plan sold from that link. Whether you’re a travel agent or planner, tour operator, hotelier, travel blogger, influencer, insurance agent, or just someone looking to add to their bottom line, you can start earning today.

The Travel Insurance Master Affiliate Program is always free to join! There is never any cost for being an affiliate, so what are you waiting for?


You’ll earn a either referral fee or a commission on each sale, depending on whether you are licensed to sell insurance in your state of not. If you’re licensed, you’ll earn 15% commission. Otherwise, you will earn a fixed fee based on each sale amount. See table below.


Cookie duration on affiliate links are currently 1 year, meaning if someone clicks your link and visits our site and purchases insurance that day, and/or a plan a few months from now on the same device, for up to a year, you’ll receive credit for those purchases!


Once you have referred travel insurance sales, you’ll be eligible for payouts!

We now offer four ways to receive payment – check, direct deposit (ACH), PayPal, and Zelle! 

You can change your payment method instantly at any time on the bottom of the My Account page. There are currently no high thresholds you will need to meet to receive your payouts, only a small minimum for ACH payments.


Payments are made within four (4) weeks following the end of the month in which the sale was made. Please note that ACH takes 3 business days to process.


The best part of our Affiliate Program is that it’s non-exclusive and there are no posting requirements! Planning a girl’s trip and want to earn some extra $$$ to spend during your travels? Become an affiliate, and refer your friends to Travel Insurance Master with your affiliate link to earn on their purchases! 

You are not required to post your affiliate link but they always work best when shared! Add and feature your link on your website, blog, or social. Not sure where to start? We’re always here to help!


Visit to create your affiliate account. 

If you wish to have your company or website name displayed when someone clicks your affiliate link, select the Company tab before filling out the form. Otherwise your full name will be displayed.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Travel Insurance Master Affiliate Program!

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