Travel insurance is an important piece of any trip, including flights, tours, and cruises, and more! Find the best insurance for your next trip by easily comparing plans and benefits from the world's leading providers all on one website!

No travel insurance plan should be one size fits all. Once you have put down your initial trip deposit, visit on your computer, laptop, or even cell phone, to find your personalized recommendation, price-shop, and compare plans on your own to find the best one for your trip type - whether it's a cruise, air, tour, or other type of trip.

Although cruises may offer their own insurance, travelers should seriously consider purchasing a standalone plan to take advantage of many useful benefits like extended Emergency Medical benefits and Evacuation, Trip Cancellation, Cancel for Any Reason, the Pre-existing medical condition waiver, Hurricane and Weather protection and many more. Just like those offered by your travel credit card, the plans offered by cruises sometimes miss the mark in what they offer. They are oftentimes generic plans that don't suit your itinerary and you could even be paying more for benefits you don't need! 

To get started, visit and select where you are going. Visiting multiple countries? Select only the first country you’re traveling to or the country where you spend the most time. If you’re going on a cruise, select your first international port.

You’ll also need to input your traveler details, including your citizenship and residency. Remember travelers who have a different primary country/state/territory will have to purchase different plans. Lastly, to determine your eligibility for time sensitive benefits, like the pre-existing medical conditions waiver, enter the dates of your initial trip deposit and final payment. If you have not made a final payment yet, select that option.

The beauty of is that when you input your specific trip and traveler details in those few simple steps, the smart algorithm will get to work and narrow down the best plans for you specifically! You'll find the best value and coverage highlighted in a Recommended Plan, as well as side by side comparisons of similar plans from providers we know and trust. The team at Travel Insurance Master has worked in the travel industry for decades, and we don't just feature every travel insurance company that wants to work with us on our site. All plans are carefully vetted to ensure we are bringing the very best to travelers like you because we actually buy our insurance the very same way you do, on our website!

After requesting a quote, and viewing your Plan results, you can filter them down with the smart selections on the left-hand side. You can choose from the drop downs to make selections like medical coverage and evacuation, and compare each plan side by side to find the best fit for you.On your cell phone? Utilize the scroll function on the left side, then utilize the same function on the right side, to toggle through and compare plans. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to see how the plans match up with their specific benefits and details. Shop and compare using these new easy side by side scrolls, alternating from left and right, to find the very best plan for your trip! 

Once you have selected a plan, simply click Buy Plan, and on the checkout page, select your trip type – cruise, air, tour, or other. Lastly you'll add any additional plan options you may choose if applicable, and complete your payment details. Your plan will be sent directly to your email!

With the uncertainty around travel even today, one thing is for certain, the need for travel insurance. Visit to find the very best trip protection for your next adventure in just a few simple steps!

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