At Travel Insurance Master, we take pride in offering a wide variety of the industry's leading plans and benefits and keeping you up to date on the latest changes. Learn more about one of the most recent updates!
We're pleased to announce GoReady is changing to Go Ready by Aegis General.
By the end of July, GoReady will be transitioning to Aegis and the names of some of your favorite plans will change.
Take comfort in knowing that although you may see a new name on the plans below, there will be no changes to the products or benefits!
  • Choice is now:
    • Go Ready Choice by Aegis General

  • Trip Cancellation is now:
    • Go Ready Trip Cancellation by Aegis General

  • Pandemic Plus is now:
    • Go Ready Pandemic Plus by Aegis General

  • VIP is now:                                  
    • Go Ready VIP by Aegis General

  • Cruise is now:                              
    • Go Ready Cruise by Aegis General
A Little about Aegis
Aegis Insurance has been a leading brand providing quality Travel and other Specialty Insurance programs for 30 years in Europe and the Americas. Its service in the U.S. is supported by Aegis’s own Global Assistance Network with offices strategically located in over 40 countries.
Why Purchase Travel Insurance?
Life is unpredictable and without a magic 8 ball nobody knows where or when the unexpected could happen!
Go Ready by Aegis General reminds us:
  • Cancellations happen and are costly
  • Your baggage may never arrive
  • Illness and injury occur anywhere around the globe
  • You may need to be medically evacuated
  • Something may happen back at home
  • A pandemic could shut down borders
Ready to find your recommended travel insurance for your next trip?

Once you put down your initial trip deposit, you can easily request a quote to find the best plan from the leading providers like Go Ready by Aegis General to protect your travel investment and yourself while traveling, all at!
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