The start of the new year is the perfect time to start planning out your vacation time for the year! With another year gone by, we look back at our trusted travel tips and new discoveries to provide you with the very best recommendations (along with your personalized recommend travel insurance plan)!

Let's dive into it!

1. Consider how you can maximize your travel budget!

We love traveling during the shoulder season (the months leading into and after peak season) at our desired destination for the best deals and less crowds too! This year, take it one step further and be flexible with your departure and return dates. Is traveling on Sunday or Tuesday significantly lower than traveling on Friday or Saturday? If so, try to book with those travel days in mind!

2. Be spontaneous!

Sometimes the more flexible you can be with a destination, accomodation, or transportation will reap those most rewards. Plus, you may find great deals on various travel activities if you wait to book until you arrive. Just keep in mind the prime time snorkeling excursion may be filled up, but you could find the same activity at half price later in the afternoon! You may even be able to take advantage of any last minute cancellations a tour or excursion has and they may let you join at a steep discount. Keep an eye out for coupons or deals offered locally too. The more flexible you can be, the more you may be able to maximize your travel budget to it's fullest potential!

3. Get rewarded!

Don't forget to sign up for any applicable travel rewards or loyalty program! Some programs are free and all it takes is a few minutes to sign up and start saving. Do you research and you're sure to be rewarded!

4. Protect your Trip

We're not just saying this - it's the trips you don't insure that become the trips you'll never forget for all the wrong reasons, and you'll likely never travel without insurance again.

In another step towards maximizing your travel insurance budget, find the very best value and your recommended travel insurance plan in just a few simple steps at We work with providers we know and trust to provide you with an easy way to shop and compare plans and benefits all in one place. Plus, you can easily filter plans by the benefits you're looking for and best fit your itinerary.

Travel insurance should be one of the first things you purchase after you put down your initial deposit on your trip. Even if you have not made your final payment yet, visit There are many reasons to purchase travel insurance to protect your trip. If the unexpected happens, you’ll be happy to have protected yourself and your investment with the right coverage.

Traveling a lot in 2024? Consider cost saving annual travel insurance! Travel Insurance Master is thrilled to now offer Trawick International 3-Tier Annual Plans, in addition to our many other plans and benefits from our trusted providers. To make it easier than ever to request a quote, and shop and compare plans and providers, you will now also find an “Annual” filter on the Results Page under the Other Benefits section on the left hand side. For more details on these plans visit - our Trawick International Page.

5. Prepare for travel disruptions

If the last few years have proven anything, it's that a prepared traveler is a smart traveler! If you're flying, look at your airlines' recent history and on time record. You may want to pay more to fly an airline with a lesser history of delays.

Additionally, if you have connecting flights, look up the secondary airport in advance and what gate you're arriving into and which one you're departing from. This will help you navigate even the largest airports like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with ease, even when time may not seem like it's on your side!

Worried about lengthy security lines? Check out a membership like TSA PreCheck which can significantly reduce the amount of time spent getting through airport security.

Even if the unexpected happens on your next trip, you can find comfort in knowing Travel Insurance Master and your insurance provide offer 2 layers of customer support and peace of mind. Get familiar with your plan, and what would be required to be reimbursed if something occurs.

Whether you're heading on one trip, or several, we look forward to being by your side as you travel into the new year! Easily find your recommended plan from the top providers in just 3 easy steps at!

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