Travel insurance is an important part of any trip, especially ones with the whole family! Did you know that you can request a quote and find a policy for your entire family all at once? It's simple with Find out the best time to start shopping for your next travel insurance policy and more of our favorite tips!


If you’ve made your initial trip deposit, it’s a good time to request a quote. Simply input your travel details in just a few super easy steps, even if you haven’t paid for your trip in full yet. You’ll find your recommended travel insurance plan and the best value for your trip, along with side by side comparisons. If you’re looking for a specific benefit, simply utilize the smart filters on the left-hand side to narrow plans down by the benefit(s). When you find a plan you’re interested in, you can click Plan Details for an overview, or click View Certificate for the plan’s full description. Select the plan you’d like to purchase and click Buy Plan. Add any additional plan options and input your payment details. You’ll receive your plan straight to your email!


If you’re traveling during hurricane season, you’ll want to purchase your travel insurance plan right away!

Once a hurricane becomes a named event, you will no longer have coverage for that hurricane if you purchase coverage after that date. Remember, the hurricane must be unforeseen to be covered under a Hurricane and Weather Benefit, and once it’s been named it’s considered “foreseen.” When shopping for plans on, simply click on each benefit to see what’s covered or click View Certificate for the full policy description.


Check your passport expiration date

As a general rule, your passport must be valid for six months beyond the date the traveler exits the United States. Be sure to allow plenty of time to have your passport processed and/or renewed. 


No worries! You can usually purchase a plan up to a day before your departure. At we make it easy to find the best plan and value for you, whether you’re planning well in advance, or only a day out. Simply fill out the quote request with your trip and traveler details, find your recommended plan and shop and compare plans and benefits side by side. Once you have selected the plan you’d like to purchase, simply click Buy Plan, fill in your details and you’ll receive your plan straight to your email!

As you plan for your next trip, be sure to purchase the ultimate peace of mind – travel insurance! For the most benefits and options, request a quote within 1-21 days of making the initial deposit on your trip. Visit and fill out your quote request in just a few super easy steps, to find your recommended plan for the world’s leading providers, as well as clear side by side comparisons. Happy, worry-free travels await!

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