Although your credit card may offer travel insurance, it may not provide you with enough protection.

Your credit card may only offer minimal travel benefits to protect you from smaller inconveniences like lost luggage or delays, and is that really enough?

A travel insurance plan from one of our trusted providers offers broader coverage so you’ll be able to travel with peace of mind with benefits like trip cancellation, emergency medical coverage, hurricane and weather, employment layoff, and much more.

Purchasing a plan on gives you the coverage you’re looking for with customizable filters and clear comparisons, so you can easily find exactly the right plan with the right benefits for your specific trip.

Credit cards rarely offer trip cancellation, while these comprehensive plans are what most travelers purchase. They give you extra protection and flexibility, while protecting your initial investment. You can filter between Trip Cancellation and No Trip Cancellation plan types on the upper left of the search results page after you submit your quote request. 

Emergency medical is also a popular benefit that your credit card travel insurance will likely not cover. Emergency medical coverage fills the gap where your regular health insurance won’t offer coverage either, especially important outside your home country. It's common to find that your US health insurance plan won’t be accepted in other countries and comprehensive travel insurance can save you from a costly bill. Medical repatriation and pre-existing conditions are also not covered by most credit cards. Check out our blog on When Should I Buy Travel Insurance for more information about the Pre-existing Medical Conditions waiver that will give you coverage if you buy your plan the same day or within a set number of days after your first trip deposit.

Our leading providers offer wide ranging benefits that make your travel insurance decision an easy one. From financial default, to hurricane and weather, you can easily protect your trip and find the plan that suits your needs at

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