Visiting Travel Insurance Master to find the best travel insurance for your next trip is the first step for travel safety, and there are many other small measures that you can take too!

It’s important to call your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling, that way they won’t place a hold on your card if they mistake your own transactions as fraud. Double check that you do not have foreign transactions fees as these can add up! It’s also a good idea to go through your wallet and leave the cards you will not need in a secure place at home. In general, bring just a couple of credit cards and keep them separate in case one card is lost or stolen. Try not to use a debit card except to withdraw money as you may not be protected the same way if you were to use a credit card. Make sure any ATM you use is in a secure and well-lit area, like those inside a bank or hotel. Always protect and hide your pin and be aware of your surroundings. It’s a good idea to pack copies of your cards and passport too, in case they are lost or stolen – just ensure they are kept securely and separately from the originals. 

You will also want to take cash with you, and keeping it protected should be a priority. Always separate your cash and keep it in multiple places. It is best to keep it hidden on your person, and only pull out what you need, out of sight. If you need a little cash for a gratuity, keep it easily accessible and away from your larger amounts of cash.

It’s a good idea to leave any valuable, flashy jewelry at home. This can make you stand out as a target for theft. Stay alert, and don’t get distracted, especially if you have valuables, like your phone or camera out. Travel insurance plans can help you protect your belongings in case they are lost or stolen, but most plans have a limit – check your specific plan for details. The more you blend in with the locals, whether it’s what you are wearing or behavior, the better. You do not want to look like a tourist or look lost - confidence and preparedness are key!

Make sure a trusted friend or family member has your travel information including flight numbers if applicable and where you’re staying. With today’s technology, you can plan when you check in with them so they know you are safe. You can also do your homework before your departure so you know what areas are safe, plan your daily schedule, and stay in the know.

These are just a few recommendations for safe travel and are in no way a guarantee for safety, however if you’re educated on your destination, you are always better prepared. You can find the best travel insurance plan for your trip in 3 easy steps and make an educated purchase through Be sure to review your specific plan details for coverages!

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