Not all travel insurance plans are created equal and all the options can be overwhelming. At Travel Insurance Master we work hard to make a large variety of plans from multiple leading providers accessible to travelers.

Through our trusted smart algorithm, and easy to use filters, you will be recommended a plan that is best for you, as well as side by side comparisons to make an educated purchase all on our website.

Since no trip is the same, your travel insurance shouldn’t be either! Choosing the right plan with the right coverages allows you to travel comfortably with peace of mind. 

There are three main types of travel insurance plans including Comprehensive Plans (Trip Cancellation), Limited Plans (Without Trip Cancellation), and Specialty Plans (more narrow options for those not concerned with Trip Cancellation, medical expense, etc).

Comprehensive Trip Cancellation plans are the most popular, and allow you to cancel your trip before it starts for 100% reimbursement of your non-refundable prepaid trip expenses (be sure to check your certificate of insurance for all covered reasons). The plans can be purchased with extended coverages that can range from Cancel for Any Reason, Cancel for Medical, and Cancel for Work Reasons. You can even find coverage for financial default, employment layoff, hurricane and weather, and more.

If you or someone you are buying insurance for has a pre-existing health condition, consider the likelihood of it reoccurring before or during your trip. Most plans have what is called a look back period, anywhere from 2 to 18 months, where the plan investigates your medical history to see if your condition appeared or was treated during that time. The good news is you can purchase a Comprehensive Plan with a Pre-existing Medical Conditions Waiver which will give you coverage if you buy your plan the same day or within a set number of days after your first deposit.

Most regular health insurance plans do not provide coverage outside your home country or in some cases even outside your state. That’s where Travel Medical plans fill the gap in coverage. Emergency Medical and Dental provides coverage if you were to become sick or injured on a trip. See your particular plan details for coverages and limits. Primary Coverage refers to the priority of payment when you file a claim. This means the travel insurance company would be the first one to pay or reimburse you for emergency medical expenses up to plan limits and within the coverages of the specific plan. You can also find AD&D, and Medical Evacuation coverage for emergency medical, medical repatriation, return of remains, and trip interruption.

In the event of trip delay, missed connection, and baggage delay or loss, you will want to ensure you have the proper coverages to meet your specific needs. Use the filters and drop-down menus on the right-hand side of the results page to narrow down the best plan for you.

There are many more coverages and benefits you can find on As always, see your specific plan details and certificate for full details!

I am so paranoid about getting sick or losing luggage, so it is always interesting to hear what is covered on different plans! I didn't know about the look back period. It's worth thinking about.
Very useful article. I really need to look into travel insurances in the future especially after the whole covid19 situation.
This is super interesting! I've never gotten travel insurance before, but this post really helps me understand what it covers! I'll definitely consider it for my next trip.
Great article! Im a bit clueless when it comes to travel insurance so this was really helpful! It's definitely important to get it especially right now!
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