As the weather gets warmer and more destinations open up across the country and world, it’s important to remember to plan for your trip with the best products for safety and peace of mind!

When you’re at the beach or distracted by an activity, you will need a place to keep your phone, wallet, and other valuables safe. There are lockable bags that will keep your items secure when you’re away from them. The BeachSecured Alarmed Bag protects your valuables so you can relax and enjoy your travels. With battery operated motion sensitive alarm, waterproof remote control, and a TSA Padlock to secure your valuables – you can find comfort in knowing your belongings are safe in the Anti-Theft Locking Beach Bag. Once armed, the BeachSecured bag will sound a loud siren if someone tries to move, tamper with, or steal your bag. Perfect for cruise ships, boats, hiking, camping, the gym, and other travel situations. Travel insurance provides protection for some of your items too. Filter by the Baggage Loss benefit on for coverage in the event your baggage and covered personal items are lost, stolen, or damaged on your trip. Click View Certificate under each plan to see full description of coverages. Some travelers take photos of the items in their luggage before departure for their records. Many plans also offer 24 Hour Assistance Services which start once your trip does. They can assist you with things like medical referral services, emergency cash transfer, locating lost or stolen items, and more.

As temperatures rise, it’s easy to forget to hydrate, especially when participating in fun in the sun activities like a snorkeling excursion or island hike. If you plan on taking part in risky adventurous activities, filter by the sports benefits on to find a plan with the best coverage for your specific needs. Be sure to pack plenty of water on any activities and even bring along your own reusable water bottle for your travels. If you’re flying, remember to empty the water bottle. When it’s empty, you can use it to store other items in your luggage. If the water is potable you will be able to fill it up at your destination or purchase the largest jug of water available and refill as needed, instead of purchasing several more expensive and wasteful smaller bottles.

Sun protection is also a must! It’s important to remember to be vigilant about sunscreen especially if you are closer to the equator than normal where UV radiation is highest – we’re based in Boston so most tropical destinations are closer than us! The higher the elevation, the greater the UV radiation too. Be sure that you have plenty of sunscreen packed securely in your carry on if less than 3.4oz, or your checked bag for larger containers. When you’re outside or at the beach, be sure to reapply at least SPF 30 or higher every two hours. If you’re swimming, sweating, or toweling off, reapply immediately. Remember that even on a cloudy day, it’s just as important to wear sunscreen. Look for Reef Friendly sunscreen to reduce your impact on the destination you are visiting, as some chemicals in sunscreen have been found to add to coral bleaching. Don’t forget to pack your chap stick with SPF, sunglasses, and hat too!

While we don’t suggest overpacking, it’s always best to pack interchangeable layers of clothing. Depending on where you are headed you will definitely want to be ready for anything. Unexpected weather can make even the hottest destinations colder than usual and you will be happy to have packed a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket, even if you only use it once! Don’t forget to look into the Hurricane and Weather travel insurance benefit – you will be glad to have it if a storm impacts your home or destination. Comfortable sandals, slides, or flip flops are a necessity for the pool and beach but can be useful in a multitude of other situations including spas and common areas, and only take up a little room in your luggage. If you are flying, be sure to have a change of clothes packed in your carry-on and anything you may need if you decide to do an activity before check in, like a bathing suit if you are hitting the pool or beach! The Baggage Delay benefit can be useful too. If your bags do not arrive at your destination promptly, this benefit may reimburse you if you need to buy immediate essentials. See your plan details for coverages, and as always save your receipts and any paperwork so you are prepared in case you need to file a claim!

Wherever you are headed this summer, one thing for certain is the need for travel insurance. Let easily recommend the best plan for you from a number of the world’s leading providers. You can view side by side comparisons, filter by specific benefits, purchase a plan, and receive it straight to your email in minutes, leaving more time for your summer adventures!


The anti-theft bags are a great idea for the beach!! I don’t go very often but I’ll keep them in mind next time I head out.
I have a feeling everyone will be out traveling this summer! Hope the crowds aren't too bad!
Sounds nifty!
So many of us have been stuck at home that it was good to get a reminder about summer travel. Keeping our goods safe is always a challenge at beaches and areas where we might wander. And who would leave home without insurance?
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