Natural disasters like wildfires, not just pandemics, have recently highlighted the need for travel insurance more than ever before. With accommodations you can now book online on your own, like Airbnb and Vrbo, it’s important to protect your trip and your investment with a plan that’s right for you. No trip or traveler are the same and your travel insurance plan shouldn’t be either!

Unfortunately, many travelers do not realize until it’s too late that they should have purchased travel insurance to cover their travels and short-term rentals including stays at an Airbnb or Vrbo. With strict cancellation policies oftentimes set by the host, it can sometimes be next to impossible to receive a refund for a cancellation or change of travel plans when you book with one of these sites. 

Airbnb says that travelers may want to consider purchasing travel insurance but they don’t offer it directly; that’s where Travel Insurance Master can help!

With these accommodations, it’s important to consider your Trip Cost, defined as your pre-paid and non-refundable expenses. Comprehensive plans or plans with Trip Cancellation and travel medical options continue to be the most popular choice for travelers. Trip Cancellation covers you 100% for covered cancellation reasons, most commonly when you, your family member, or travel companion gets sick. For the most flexibility, an additional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit will allow you to cancel for any reason whatsoever usually up to 2 days before departure for a reimbursement up to 75% of prepaid non-refundable trip expenses, depending on the specific plan. To take advantage of CFAR, be sure to purchase your insurance early, usually within 1-21 days of your initial deposit.

Trip Interruption is a useful benefit in the event you need to cut your trip short. It may provide reimbursement of your non-refundable, prepaid trip costs and expenses for your return home. There are many covered reasons for trip interruption depending on your specific plan, including if you or your traveling companion are diagnosed with COVID-19 by a physician while on your trip.

A medical emergency like an unexpected illness or accident is not something you want to think about happening during your travels but it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. Emergency Medical and Evacuation benefits may provide coverage if something like this happens, or even if you were to contract COVID-19 during your travels, and evacuation if medically necessary. 

When you’re staying in an unfamiliar place, it’s important to protect your belongings. The Baggage Loss benefit will reimburse you if your luggage gets stolen, damaged, or lost during the course of your trip. It’s important to note that items valued at $1,000 or more, should be listed as possessions on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. As always, keep receipts of the items for your records and it’s always a good idea to take photos of the items in your luggage too! 

The Hurricane and Weather benefit protects you if there is a travel delay due to a number of events including natural disaster or adverse weather. Some plans also cover events if your accommodations are made uninhabitable due to fire, flood, volcano, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster. Mandatory evacuation orders at your destination due to adverse weather or natural disasters may also be a covered reason for Trip Cancellation. Be sure to review your specific plan details for your particular benefits and exclusions.

There are many equally useful and valuable benefits that travel insurance plans can provide. One of the most common are 24 Hour Assistance Services. It can sometimes be impossible to reach the customer care at Airbnb or Vrbo but with this travel insurance benefit, you can easily get assistance with medical referral services, emergency cash transfers, legal referral, locating lost or stolen items, and much more.

Vrbo has a few options with one of our providers, Generali, on their website. However, these plans may not suit every traveler’s needs. By visiting you will be able to find these and a larger variety of plans and benefits from Generali alongside our other trusted providers. After you input your trip details in 3 quick steps, you will find your personalized recommended plan, side by side comparisons, and customizable filters to narrow down plans by the specific benefits that are important to you.

Even if you have not paid your trip in full yet, you can shop for and purchase travel insurance on our site. Although we recommend purchasing early on in the travel planning process, some plans do allow you to purchase coverage up until the day before departure.

Don’t be another story in the news about a financial loss when the unexpected happens before or during your next trip! Protect your trip and travel investment with Travel Insurance Master.

Be sure to read your specific Plan Details for full descriptions of coverages and benefits before purchasing.

Wow I didn't know about this. Thanks so much for sharing! I am actually planning a trip now and this comes so handily!
This post is a useful reminder of why travel insurance is so important. A few years ago my grandad got pneumonia during our family vacation and needed to be hospitalised. If it wasn't for our travel insurance we would have been stuck with a huge hospital bill! Now I never travel without insurance!
This was a timely post. We are currently in an Airbnb. I never really worried before about having my belongings insured when staying in such accommodations. But we did consider whether we needed trip cancellation insurance when we booked. It would be great to look at a company that lets you put it on after a trip has started.
It's funny, my first thought was that i rarely travel with items worth over $1000, but I guess that isn't true for lots of people, especially if they carry drones or their laptops!

I hadn't considered getting extra insurance in case I need to cancel an air bnb, so thanks. It's worth considering. :)
Good to know that high value items should be specifically listed on the homeowners policy. Though, I don't bring high value items with me! But if I needed to, it's good to know.
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