Planning that trip of a lifetime or just a getaway to several destinations on one trip? Even if you’re heading to multiple countries, travel insurance should never be complicated! Let Travel Insurance Master help you easily find the best plan for your next adventure.

In just three steps, you will be on your way to purchasing invaluable peace of mind on On Step 1, you’ll be asked to input your destination. If you’re visiting multiple destinations, simply select only the first country you’re traveling to.

We specialize in single trip travel insurance. Therefore, if you return home and fly out again, you will need to purchase another plan for each of the round trips. Alternatively, if you fly out and return home in a few months for example, then just a single policy will cover your entire trip. In this scenario, you will want to request a quote and purchase a plan starting on the day of departure and ending on the day of return. Be sure your Trip Cost or your prepaid and non-refundable expenses are accurate.

Multiple destinations on one trip can be a fantastic way to take advantage of accrued time off and cross off the places that have always been on your list! However, more flights, transfers, accommodations, activities, etc., can all add up to a significantly higher risk for the unexpected to happen.

Comprehensive Plans with Trip Cancellation are the most popular plans among travelers and there’s a good reason why. Trip Cancellation gives you the ability to cancel your trip before it starts for 100% reimbursement of your otherwise non-refundable prepaid trip expenses. More planning and usually more money go into a multiple destination trip, so you’ll be happy to have this protection if you need it. There are many covered reasons for Trip Cancellation including sudden illness, injury, death of a family member, or natural disaster affecting your home or destination. See your plan certificate for coverages and requirements you will need to meet for cancellation.

Comprehensive plans also combine Trip Cancellation with Travel Medical benefits. It’s important to remember that your regular health insurance rarely offers coverage outside your home country. A travel insurance plan with a Medical benefit helps fill that gap. Without this benefit, an emergency could leave you with hefty medical bills that you may need to pay for out of pocket. The Medical Evacuation benefit is also something to look for in case of medically necessary evacuation. The Non-Medical Evacuation benefit is there for you in the event of scenarios like Political, Security, or Natural Disaster evacuation. See your plan details for coverage limits and specifics.

Travel Delays are more common than travelers like and there’s a benefit to help mitigate the inconvenience if this occurs! If you’re delayed for the period of time specified by your policy, this benefit can reimburse things like hotel expenses and meals. Be sure to keep you receipts just in case you’re eligible for reimbursement. If you’re part of a cruise or tour during your trip, Missed Connection benefits can help with the costs of catching back up to the trip, depending on the circumstances.

A travel insurance plan with 24 Hour Travel Assistance can be useful on any trip but is especially beneficial outside your home country. These services offer a wide range of help and advice if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. They can help with travel document and ticket replacement, emergency cash transfers, medical assistance and evacuation, and much more. If you’re on a significantly more complicated trip involving multiple countries, you’ll be happy to have access to this service. You can find your out of country assistance number on your plan certificate – a good reason to keep this information readily available when you travel.

On a trip of a lifetime, travel insurance can make the difference between memories for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Find the right travel insurance for your next trip, whether it’s involving one or multiple destinations, on We do the research for you and bring the world’s leading travel insurance providers and their large variety of plans and benefits all to one website! Simply input your trip details in 3 steps, and find your recommended plan and side by side comparisons. Filter the plans by the benefits that are most important to you and select the plan you’d like to purchase. Complete the purchase form and receive the plan to your email. See your specific plan details and certificate for coverages and benefits. You’ll be on your way to your next adventure, wherever your itinerary takes you!

I just bought travel insurance for the first time on my last trip and I think it will become a habit!
I'll have to consider this the next time I travel. I have been on countless trips and have never purchased travel insurance. I will check them out.
It’s so important to have the right travel insurance coverage especially during these unpredictable times. It provides so much peace of mind when things don’t go as planned.
I always buy a multi trip policy each year - it's peace of mind knowing I'm covered no matter what.
So important to have travel insurance! Especially now with all the delays and cancellations. Super helpful when it comes to lost or stolen luggage as well.
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