‘Tis the season for savings! We love to find the best value and that’s why we created Travel Insurance Master, to recommend the best travel insurance plan and value to protect your next trip. Find our other favorite ways to save on your next vacation with these travel tips.

If you have a destination in mind, start looking into travel dates slightly outside the peak season. This shoulder season, between high and low season, usually has less crowds, and better prices. Everything from your transportation, flight costs, and accommodations can be significantly lower and you’ll most likely enjoy close to the same weather and experiences as you would if you traveled during the high season. Some of the best dates to travel are departing on New Year’s Eve, and enjoying your vacation during the first week of the year.

Use a travel agent for access to exclusive savings and expert knowledge. Although there is a lot of information online about booking your own trip, an expert can help navigate your options with ease, recommend places they have personal experience with, and be an extra layer of assistance if something happens before or during your trip. Oftentimes their connections will allow them to find you the best prices that you may have never found on your own. This can save you both time and money.

Yes We Travel, a brick and mortar travel agency, helps travelers with all kinds of trips and needs, from All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacations, any kind of tour, or just plane tickets! Almost 100% of their travelers purchase travel insurance, showing the value of travel agents is not just in savings and in depth knowledge of your destination, but also in explaining the necessity of travel insurance! Travel agents can help you every step of the way too, if something happens before or during your trip. Yes We Travel clients are happy even when something happens because they purchased travel insurance and have an added layer of protection and customer service from their travel agent. If the trip goes as planned, the little cost of travel insurance is quickly forgotten. Have questions about your next trip? Call Yes We Travel at (617) 879-2644.

If you can be flexible on travel dates, this can also help you save on your next trip. Rather than traveling during a popular school break or holiday for example, you may be able to slightly overlap those dates to save. You can even set price alerts on many websites to notify you when there’s a drop in the prices of the tickets you were looking at. Flying mid-week is also a great way to help you save on airfare. By avoiding busy travel days, you’ll also avoid the greatest potential for cancelled or delayed flights, and traffic too.

Protect your wallet and yourself from the unexpected with travel insurance. If something happens like a delay, lost baggage, or medical emergency, you may sometimes have to pay out of pocket to replace items, purchase another ticket, or receive medical care. In the last year, we have seen how important it is to protect your travel plans. The small amount of your travel budget that will be used for your travel insurance plan is well worth the peace of mind.

Look for add ons that you can take advantage of and maximize to their fullest potential. A breakfast credit or credit towards an activity with your booking can be used to leave room in your budget for something else. Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade at check in either. Some resorts and hotels could have a last-minute cancellation that you can take advantage of, receiving a better view or room at little to no cost. Keep in mind what’s important to you. Whereas some travelers prioritize luxury accommodations, others prioritize experiences instead, and that’s the beauty of travel – it’s all up to you to customize the trip to what you are looking for!

With the holidays it can be easy to go over budget, but travel never has to break the bank with the right planning! Be sure to protect your investment of time and money too with Travel Insurance Master. In just 3 super easy steps, you’ll find your recommended travel insurance plan and value, along with side by side comparisons of similar plans. Simply filter by the benefits that are most important to you, select your plan, check out, and receive it straight to your email. Visit TravelInsuranceMaster.com today so you can get back to the fun part, planning and ultimately enjoying your next vacation!

I am just ending a long vacation, and hate the idea of returning, so I need to start saving for my next vacation asap!
We always love to find new ways to save a little money on travelling. We don’t use a travel agent for all trips. But it is good to know they might get us more discounts. Luckily we can be flexible in our dates. And we do love having Marriott status for free breakfast!
Lots of good ideas for staying in a budget. Staying somewhere with breakfast is included is great. Easy way to start the day and saves money!
We use most of these tips, except I have never used a travel agent before! I don't know why, but I think I'll seek one out next time. It sounds great to leave the planning to someone else who can also find me a deal :)
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