The new year is the perfect time to add another stream of income to your website, blog, or business! Affiliate programs can help you earn passive income while you spend time traveling yourself or even while you sleep, and ultimately add to your bottom line. Find out just how easy it is with the Travel Insurance Master Affiliate Program and get started in minutes and a little initial work today.

Travel Insurance Master offers an easy solution for travelers looking to protect their next trip, and one of the most requested products, you guessed it, travel insurance! Travel insurance should never be complicated and our website makes it simple to find your recommended plan and the best value from the world’s leading travel insurance providers, all on one website. We do all the work for you to help you easily compare plans and benefits and make an educated purchase in just 3 steps. By sharing your affiliate link to, you will recommend the best way to find travel insurance and earn easy commissions or affiliate fees on every sale from your link. Our affiliate program is low risk because your account is always free and you don’t lose anything if someone doesn’t buy. Plus, your earning potential has no limit!

Affiliate Marketing can work for you in a number of ways. Get started by adding your affiliate link to your blog or website. Include it in relevant blog posts, and/or position yourself as an expert by featuring it in something like your favorite travel resources. Sharing a travel itinerary? Chances are your audience will want to book something similar, and they’ll need travel insurance for any trip that takes them 100 miles or more from home. Travel insurance doesn’t just protect your investment of flights either, it can help with rental car coverage, road trips, cruises, tours, and more. Banners or ads with your affiliate link also work well on your website or blog. Travelers think about travel insurance a lot but may not know much about it. If you’re looking to share tips and tricks, we’re always available to help create a blog post or content to answer FAQs too. If you have email subscribers or a newsletter, this can be another great way to share your affiliate link with your network.

Is social media more your style? Our affiliates have been successful with social posts, stories, and even TikTok videos featuring their personal travel tales and reasons why you need travel insurance. Be sure to feature your affiliate link in your bio with a or similar. Use stories and lives to talk about and promote your affiliate link. Just remember links in stories can sometimes cut off or shorten your affiliate link, causing it not to track. You will want to be sure to share the link in its entirety. It’s always best to direct your audience to your website or blog page where your link is posted to avoid this issue entirely. You can even include your affiliate link on your YouTube channel. You can review our site, give your own tutorial, and talk about your own experience with travel insurance.

Have your own travel business? Then you already understand the importance of travel insurance. Add to your offering and your preferred provider with our Affiliate Program. We have worked hard to bring the best providers to one website and now we’re ready to partner with you! Our Affiliate Program is non-exclusive and our website with a large variety of plans and benefits is an excellent way to help your clients find the best plan for them. Plus, with Travel Insurance Master, your clients will have two layers of customer service, with our team and their specific provider.

Wondering how we track the sales you refer? Cookie duration is how we track affiliate referrals and how long the cookies for the affiliate link will stay on someone’s device and remember you referred them. Our cookie duration is currently set to 1 year so if someone clicks your link and buys insurance either during that initial website visit or later on, for up to a year, you will get credit for the sale and earn!

Unlike other programs, there are currently no high thresholds you will need to reach to receive your earnings. Your payouts are easy to track by checking the history of purchases within your account on our website. We offer flexible payouts through check, direct deposit, and Paypal. Payments will be made within four (4) weeks following the end of the month in which the sale was made. 

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ here - or contact us.

Remember the initial time you put in to create your Travel Insurance Master Affiliate account, set up your link on your website and create your content, should ultimately start to earn you passive income online. Just be sure to follow all rules and regulations when sharing your affiliate link, including proper disclosures.

We look forward to growing with you!

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