The holidays are upon us and if you are a traveler, or have a traveler in your life, you’ll love our favorite gifts. From packing essentials, to peace of mind, we have put together a list of the things every traveler needs to make their next trip hassle free.

Every trip starts with the right preparation, planning, and packing. For a seasoned traveler, they may already have their favorite luggage, but these handy gifts will make getting ready for their next trip a breeze. 

Packing cubes are an essential no matter the destination. They can be useful on road trips, flights, cruises, and more. They are perfect to organize and even separate your clothing for different legs of your adventure, like if you’ll be in a colder area then a warmer one. They can also help you keep clean and dirty clothes separate after you have worn some of them, and you can even color coordinate them to keep everyone’s clothing in one place if you’re traveling with a friend or family!

A portable luggage scale is not only useful on your way to your destination, but also on your way back home. Don’t leave the question of whether your luggage is too heavy until you get to the airport scale. Be sure your luggage isn’t overweight and make any necessary changes before you check out of your accommodations.

An international power adapter may seem like something you may already find in your hotel room, or other accommodations, but that is not always the case. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll be happy to have your own if you can’t find one so you’re prepared wherever you go.

A neck pillow offers comfort and support, while waiting in a terminal or during your next flight or road trip. Add a packable blanket to complete the gift. It can come in handy if your accommodations are on the chillier side, or if you decide to enjoy an evening outside stargazing in a National Park.

A portable charger or power bank is also a thoughtful gift for any kind of traveler. If you’re on a trip or tour, you’ll be happy to have it if your device needs a charge and you cannot find somewhere to easily plug in. It’s also useful on shorter trips too, as it’s inevitable whenever you’re using your phone or device to capture all the memories, it will use its battery much quicker. It can save you from a potentially hazardous situation too as it can become more than a small inconvenience when you phone dies in an unfamiliar place.

Still can’t decide on what to purchase? Many accommodations, tours, short term rentals, and other trip planning websites offer gift cards – a perfect way to contribute to someone’s trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget you can also offer to cover the cost of the ultimate peace of mind – travel insurance. Although it’s something that can’t be gift wrapped or put in a stocking, it’s added protection that any traveler will be happy to have if they find themselves in an unexpected situation. Talk to the traveler in your life, and send them to to find the best travel insurance plan for their next trip in just 3 easy steps.

These are lovely gift ideas for travellers. I definitely need some packing cubes!
An international charger adapter is an absolute must for any traveller, great idea! Thanks for sharing.
These are all great gift ideas! I was hesitant to buy packing cubes and so glad I did. I use them all the time!
Packing cubes are something that I only discovered this summer and frankly I don't know how I ever travelled without them! I love them so much and they make organising so much easier! Such a game-changer when it comes to packing.
Travel insurance would be such a unique gift! Great idea.
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