Where can I buy travel insurance online? What benefits does domestic travel insurance have? What does travel insurance cost? Doesn’t my credit card provide travel insurance? We answer your biggest questions and share our favorite travel insurance tips! 

Get to know one of our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Stephanie of blacktrekking.com. Based in Tampa Bay, FL, Stephanie is a travel blogger, author, journalist, and content creator. She founded the family travel blog, blacktrekking.com in 2018!


As a start-up based in Boston, we love talking travel in and around New England! Planning a trip to our city and beyond this spring or summer? Check out some of our favorite travel tips and tricks.

Working as a digital nomad definitely has its perks — from the flexibility, to the ability to work anywhere in the world. 

Get to know one of our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Tiffany of awelltravelledroad.com. Based in Vancouver, BC Canada, Tiffany is a destination wedding planner, travel lover and wellness and wine enthusiast!

You may already know all about the general travel insurance plan types and coverages available on Travel Insurance Master. For a refresher, check out our What’s Covered blog post. Our website allows you to filter plans by specific benefits on the results page and will quickly recommend the best plan for your trip too! 

However, you may still be wondering if travel insurance can cover that destination wedding you are attending, emergency pet care, or the adventure sports on your itinerary.

Get to know one of our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Ashley of Solo Dream Travel. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Ashley is a travel blogger who encourages singles to step outside of their normal routines to travel, and not be afraid of going on their next adventure alone!

Not all travel insurance plans are created equal and all the options can be overwhelming. At Travel Insurance Master we work hard to make a large variety of plans from multiple leading providers accessible to travelers.

Get to know one of our Travel Insurance Master Affiliates, Tracy of tracyadavis.com. Based out of NYC, Tracy is a travel blogger and photographer who loves to share her attainable and relatable travel experiences!

It’s been a long year for many of us being home and grounded. As travel begins to open up around the country and the world, it’s time to get ready to hit the road, take off, or set sail for your next destination.

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